TGN - Specialists In Building People

We pride ourselves in building people & developing their skills to turn them into successful entrepreneurs

TGN  is a registered VAT company. With over 10 years of personal experience, I am pleased to confirm that we have applied the same programme that has enabled individuals to start from the bottom and develop all the way to the top. The programme is structured to promote people on merit and not time, unlike most listed companies out there. In addition, we also understand that a large part of our success is our on-going training in both marketing and management. These days most companies recruit people based on their qualifications and their experience. Ideal candidates without these requirements therefore never get the opportunity to apply for these positions. We choose to look at all candidates equally, based on their personality and attitude. In addition we look at their ability to be developed to fulfill a position in sales, marketing and then management.

Leadership, Professional training

 & Mentorship


Have the courage to rise above challenges to work through adversity and inspire others

Team leadership & Teamwork


Consistently demonstrate an unselfish commitment to working with others to create a collaborative culture



Imagine what is possible. Foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress

Our Core Values

Our core values is what makes TGN successful


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